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Raw Instincts is a South Florida Co-op for bulk buying meats for your pet carnivore. We have sourced out some of the best meats for your pets. Offering them in full case purchases, as we have no facility to hold or break cases.

Please address all questions on ordering to orders@raw-instincts.com.

  So in re-cap
• Orders must be in by Tuesday at noon for delivery on Thursdays

• We will be taking orders every two weeks

• Current weeks final price sheet will be updated on Fridays of the same
  week, after we get updated costs

• We will be offering local delivery at a centralized pick up area

• We will require a 75% deposit to help defray the cost as we pick up,
  we will let you know your final total as soon as we have the actual
  weight on the cases. costs on the cases.

• Cash is required at pick-up of your balance.
(if we end up owing you, you will be paid in cash as well)

• If there is something else that you want please do not hesitate to ask

• This is all human grade food, so do not hesitate to take yourself into
  account when ordering!

Servicing Palm Beach County down to Dade County.

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